Friend Finder Game

Who do you accept friend requests from in your social media program (Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, etc.)?  Part of what makes the social experience so much fun, is all the people you can connect and share with.  

Sometimes, we just blindly accept new friend requests without regard to who the person on the other end really is or if they are someone who will enhance or diminish our social experience.  I would like to believe that people want to connect because they want to build a friendship, but the reality is that some people connect for less genuine purposes.  

People may connect because they simply want to increase their friend count, they want you to play a game, they want to market to you or they want a more intimate relationship.  Even as adults, we often fall victim to scams and we know what it's like to be teased.  But as adults, we have developed skills to help us handle these situations.  This is not as true for young people.  Words are strong and young people are more vulnerable to victimization.  

It's important that adults protect children from these threats which are emerging as technology continues to morph but there is a balance between protection and development.  Below is a link to a fun little interactive game to help learn about who you might want to connect with any how to better identify someone who might be disingenuous.